Growing in the Twin Cities with Backyard Harvest

Building a sustainable (and delicious) urban food system – one yard at a time

A Featured Garden August 17, 2010

Filed under: Equal access — leaberg @ 4:38 pm

A few weeks ago, I got the chance to visit the Hernandez family garden.  Although the family loves to cook, they had never been successful growing their own food.  Enter, Backyard Harvest!  After hauling in a truck full of compost/soil blend, farmer Dina has turned 100 sq. ft. of grass into a productive growing space, based on the permaculture principles of plant diversity, companion planting and succession.

The family is pleased.  This summer, the kids have watched the garden grow and produce food that they enjoy.  And, Carlos and Amy have been able to incorporate the ultra-fresh food into their family’s diet.  They are hoping that with the knowledge that they’ve gained this season, they’ll be able to continue taking care of the garden themselves in the years to come.

This garden has been made possible through a partnership with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity and a generous donation from Backyard Harvest supporter, Michelle K. (featured in photo with Amy Hernandez)


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