Growing in the Twin Cities with Backyard Harvest

Building a sustainable (and delicious) urban food system – one yard at a time

Meet Our Farmers: Andrew Montain May 14, 2010

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Andy formerly worked as a certified arborist

As of March this year, I’ve teamed up with PRI Cold Climate officially – as a Backyard Harvest farmer! Over the winter, I volunteered with public school students. I hold a B.S. in Environmental Horticulture from the University of Minnesota. Being the biggest tree lover I know, I was formerly a certified arborist with Rainbow Treecare. Before that, I worked as the Farm Manager for Garden Farme CSA, a permaculture incubation site. When it was transitioning to being certified organic, I fused work and living at Hoch Orchard. I have also worked in native landscape restoration. At the U of M, I was Horticulture Club Greenhouse Manager, assistant to researchers in the Entomology Department, and lead researcher as an undergraduate (proposal funded by a scholarship). I intentionally lived with parents and friends and at farms in Minnesota for most of my life. I like big picture and detail viewpoints. Generally well-read, I’m highly opinionated about carbon cycles, positive human roles in ecology, roots, Biochar, trees, wood, pruning, how shoddy nursery plants have become, energy and opinions. I enjoy exploring the Twin Cities by walking, running and biking. I’m looking forward to helping you eat excellently.


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