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Garden Deadline Approaches! April 22, 2010

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harvest basket

Farmer Stefan showcases an early spring harvest (photo: Zoë François)

Wowie! Spring certainly is in full bloom already. And we at Backyard Harvest are busy preparing for a season of gardens filled with yummy fresh heirloom tomatoes, peppery salad greens, buttery cabbage, onions, edible flowers, basil, cilantro, oregano…the list goes on. Which brings us to the fact that….

The deadline to sign up for a Full Service Garden for the 2010 season is THURSDAY, APRIL 29! Contact Krista now to set up a free consultation for these beautiful, uplifting & delicious garden packages that include:

~ 16 to 20 weeks of fresh vegetables, herbs and edible flowers (over 30 different crops)
~ A comprehensive, professional garden design
~ Personal urban farmer who will install and maintain the garden, harvest the vegetables and leave them at your door
~ Community events (e.g. garden parties, workshops, canning bee)
~ Site assessment including soil test*^
~ Compost blend*^
~ Compost tea
~ Mulch
~ Plants and seeds (over 30 different crops!)
~ Watering system (timer, hose, sprinkler)^
~ Garden journal with notes and communication with your farmer
~ E-newsletter from Backyard Harvest
~ New in 2010:  Add-on gardens! (Heirloom Potato Bin, Strawberry Companion Bed and Asparagus Companion Bed also available a la carte – see details below)

*Negotiable and to be determined in a consultation
^One-time set-up cost. Returning patrons will have all or part this cost waived.

Costs for our Full Service Gardens range between $11 and $13 per square foot depending on your desires and site requirements. This service is available in South Minneapolis (S of Lake St), Highland Park (St. Paul), Morningside (Edina) & Northeast Minneapolis.


3 Responses to “Garden Deadline Approaches!”

  1. givesgoodemail Says:

    This is an interesting idea, but I fear it will end up falling on the “give a man a fish” side of the solution.

    If I want three 6×8 vegetable beds, I will spend about $1700. 144 square feet of veggie garden built and maintained by someone else and watered by automatic systems isn’t going to teach anyone to take on the entire “backyard harvest” concept and carry it on to others and to their children.

    Those who *would* carry on the backyard harvest idea would be much better served by being taught how (by a paid professional) to convert sterile, bored lawns into sustainable nourishing environments.

    • I see your point yet completely disagree. 🙂

      First of all, Backyard Harvest does in fact teach people to grow their own food. In addition to the Full Service Gardens, we offer Garden Coaches who can help aspiring urban food producers with any part of the growing process – from design to pest management. We also host workshops including an urban farming series. In addition, our urban farmers who grow the Full Service Gardens are more than happy to have clients learning along with them. In fact, we have had clients utilize the service in just this way & then move on to growing their own.

      Secondly, removing any of the distance that we currently have from how our food is grown is a step in the right direction. Compared to the almost total lack of transparency of most American food producers, processors & retailers, Backyard Harvest’s Full Service Gardens are a giant leap forward. Eaters of the food grown in these gardens know exactly where it has come from, have a relationship with the person who grew it for them & can see that responsible methods have been used. None of these things can be said for what most of us are purchasing most of the time in grocery stores & restaurants.

  2. april Says:

    Hello. I realise it’s much too late for the 2010 season, but have you thought about expanding your program to the northern suburbs? I presently live in Fridley on a nice corner lot, desperately wishing to get rid of the lawn, but not having the foggiest idea where to begin or how to avoid pitfalls.
    Your backyard permaculture service would be a dream come true for me; it would be wonderful to have an experienced farmer around to answer questions, and help develop the habits needed for a gradual transition into a sustainable way of life. Thank you for your work!

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