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New Partnerships: A Note from Our Equal Access Options Coordinator March 5, 2010

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One of our goals as a program is to provide good, healthy food to families across the demographic spectrum.  Toward this end, I’ve begun working with Backyard Harvest as the Equal Access Options Coordinator.  We believe one of the ways we will be able to accomplish this goal is through partnerships with local organizations that serve low income families.

One blossoming partnership is with the Cornerstone Group which operates an affordable housing complex in the Frogtown neighborhood of St. Paul.  By invitation, we’re entering into a new neighborhood and beginning a pilot project to serve the diverse residents of this complex, called Rivertown Commons.

At the site this summer, we will be farming a 400 sq. ft. plot (equal in size to 4 Backyard Harvest gardens) with all of our standard vegetables, herbs and edible flowers.  The garden will be bordered by 6 potato bins, a 24 sq. ft. strawberry patch, and a row of serviceberries.  We are currently collaborating with the staff and resident leadership committee at the complex to plan a community event on Earth Day this April.  During this event, we hope to introduce the garden to the residents and celebrate the possibilities that the garden will provide: high quality food, youth engagement and community building opportunities.

We are looking forward to broadening our ability to serve low income families through partnerships such as this, and look forward to more to come!

Lea Berg

Lea doing outreach for Backyard Harvest


One Response to “New Partnerships: A Note from Our Equal Access Options Coordinator”

  1. Boa Lee Says:


    This is a great effort. I invite you to share this news with Frogtown neighbors at We have nearly 300 signed residents, workers and allies that belong to the Greater Frogtown neighborhood forum. Rivertown Commons’ residents deserve a wonderful, beautiful place in their courtyard.

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