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Keep the Questions Coming… March 3, 2010

Filed under: FAQs — Krista Leraas @ 11:21 am

Asparagus - a classic spring delight

Asparagus - a classic spring delight

Q:  In your Asparagus Companion Beds, how long does it take asparagus to produce a crop? How long does it live?

A: The year after planting you will be able to cut a small amount of spears in the spring (nothing says spring like asparagus shooting out of the ground!). You will be able to enjoy the flowers and beauty of the plant in the first year. An asparagus plant lives to be about 25 years old. We recommend the following: When first planting, don’t pick any spears the first year, pick one meal the second year, two meals the third year and from then on pick spears for 8 weeks each season. A healthy asparagus plant should produce about 25 spears per season.


Q: In your Strawberry Companion Beds, how long does it take the strawberries to produce a crop?

A: Depending on the variety, you should get some harvest in the first year and then the following year will be prolific. In order to help the strawberries develop a strong root structure it would be best to pinch off some of the flowers in the first season – which means a little less fruit production.


Do you have questions about Backyard Harvest, backyard farming or urban permaculture? Just ask and we will do our best to answer!


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