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More FAQs… November 24, 2009

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strawberries and chives

strawberries and chives living together in harmony

Q: In your new Strawberry Companion Beds, why are chives and borage planted with strawberries?

A: Chives are pest repellent to keep pests away from the strawberries. They are also edible. Chives will spread but they tend to be balanced by the spreading of the strawberries. Borage is an attractant for beneficial insects as well as an edible flower.


Q: In your new Asparagus Companion Beds, why are alyssum and dill planted with asparagus?

A: Dill is an attractant for beneficial insects. Alyssum is also an attractant as well as good ground cover for suppressing weeds.


Do you have questions about Backyard Harvest, backyard farming or urban permaculture? Just ask and we will do our best to answer!


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