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What Else You’re Buying Into September 12, 2009

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Garden General - Early September

[[photo by: WontonBrutality]]


The Backyard Harvest program has, so far, proven to be a really amazing experience. At least, speaking from the point of view of a homeowner – we’re hoping that Stefan likes stopping by the garden as much as we look forward to his visits!

And that goes to a point that’s become more clear as the season goes one. Backyard Harvest is a lot more than just getting a garden installed in your yard. As a garden host in the project, you get the harvests from the garden and it’s not dissimilar from a CSA in that way. Sometimes you get a ton of produce, and other years, some plants have a harder time. For example, this has not been the best season for tomatoes, not just for us, but for the whole state. It was cool when it needed to be hot, wet when dry would have been better, and every other alternate that a farmer could struggle against!

One week, we came home and Stefan had added some things from his own home garden to bolster our harvest. Not only was it delicious and very welcome to get a couple of great tomatoes, it was really generous and totally not required on his part. He did it, I think, because he wanted us to have some of the great vegetables that normally pop up this time of year.

The real effect was, though, that we realized that the project is about knowing your food and using your yard for more than grass, but it’s also very much a group of people excited and passionate and eager to build a community around the idea. We’ve already decided we’re in for next year, and a big part of that is how much we enjoy the people as much as the project.


– Lisa in Kingfield



Sunflower Opening

[[photo by: WontonBrutality]]

The full photo collection for this project is over on Flickr.


One Response to “What Else You’re Buying Into”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Even though I no longer live in Minnesota, I’ve been following the progress of this garden project throughout your summer.

    This program is a wonderful idea to not only aid in the field of agriculture, but to also, as was mentioned in this post, to educate people about how the things they buy and eat develop and grow.

    Eating fresh, local and seasonal is how many cultures celebrate and enjoy the changing seasons.

    Here’s to sustainable living and to growing and taking only what we need.

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