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A Season Change? August 25, 2009

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What's to Come

[[photo by: WontonBrutality]]


The middle of August was a weird one, wasn’t it? Drought, followed by Spring-like rains. Ninety degrees, then seventy. Oh yeah, and a tornado. With all of that going on, it makes sense that our garden seemed to take a little nap for a bit. Our harvests switched from mountains of lettuce to collections of a few pear tomatoes and squash with a cucumber added in for good measure. Delicious all, but strange mixes of things, you know?

Notes from Stefan have been prepping us for the switch to Fall plantings. The first bean patch went away last week and he pulled a few spent broccoli plants earlier this week. In there place we’ll get spinach, cilantro, radishes, peas, and mixed greens.

I’ve been noticing as the season has gone on how interesting the garden’s transitions have been (both the husband and I didn’t have a lot of vegetable garden experience before this), but I’m not quite ready for the switch to Fall. It looks like we’re just going to have to deal, though, because the plants will do it whether we want to go along or not!

PS – We started getting these cute little peppers and I’m loving them to death – spicy, but not crazy, and with some fruitiness going on too.


Backyard Harvest Haul - Early August

[[photo by: WontonBrutality]]


The full photo collection for this project is over on Flickr.


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