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A Better picture August 9, 2009

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A Full Week

[[photo by: WontonBrutality]]

Up until now, I’ve been posting pictures of one of our garden hauls a week, but Stefan comes over twice a week to see what’s ready to pick. For a number of random reasons, we had our harvest from Thursday and our harvest from the following Monday both together in the same place at the same time, so I took a shot of the whole shebang. This was a bigger week than earlier in the season, but gives a better frame of reference for what kind of quantity we get over the course of a whole week.

In this shot is a bunch of great stuff (starting at the left, going clockwise): head lettuce (x2), red kale, some chard, broccoli, a summer squash, a bag of green and yellow wax beans, the first carrots of the year, cucumbers, and another bag of delicious beans.

We have been making amazing salads with simple mixes of vinaigrette and feta. While that doesn’t sound super exciting, the variety and quality of the veggies from the garden have made the repetition a total non-issue. Another thing we’ve noticed is that vegetables are lasting a lot longer than those we got at the store. I suspect that is because there is zero transport time between the ground and our fridge.


– Lisa in Kingfield


The full photo collection for this project is over on Flickr.


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