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Our First Harvest June 26, 2009

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First Harvest - June 22nd, 2009

[[photo by: WontonBrutality]]


This has been our first week of getting edible goods from the garden. We’re on a twice-a-week harvest schedule and we prep for each harvest day by putting some ice packs in a cooler on the porch. This week, with every day being above 90, that was especially important, but even the crisp little salad greens survived beautifully until we could get home and get it all into the house.


For both of our grabs during the week, we got a similar mix of stuff – dinosaur kale, rainbow chard, and a handful of peas each time. We’re sharing our harvests with another couple, so this week’s division was easy – the husband and I took Monday’s and our friends took Thursday.


The chard and kale already got used in a quick sauté over rice with some tuna. I think our buddies are going to just chunk it up and add some dressing to call it spicy, amazing salad. While everything’s this young, they’re all ready to eat without any cooking. The peas are like candy and I keep popping them out a pod at a time and just eating them out of hand.


For the first time this year, it’s been really, truly hot and we’ve had some great downpours to go along with the heat. The garden gets watered on a timer, so it’s going to get what it needs no matter what, but it really does seem like the rain works different, mystical things than the sprinkler does. The summer squash, for example, is literally growing inches each day. I’m kind of afraid that it’s going to take over the whole back yard if the leaves keep growing at the pace they’re working right now, but I’m sure Stefan will keep it in check for us!


Also, we are now, officially, the envy of all of our neighbors and every one I’ve talked to about the Backyard Harvest program is starting to ask on a weekly basis, “So what’s in your garden again?” And “How’s that garden coming?” It’s really fun to list off everything that we’re starting to get and will enjoy in the next couple of months. And when they see it, it’s even more amazing – everyone wants to know what each thing is, when it will be ready, and how the program works. We’re trying to spread the word as best we can 🙂


For kicks, check out the pictures of the garden as a series – it’s really amazing what happens just from one week to the next. I didn’t know stuff could grow like this!


– Lisa in Kingfield



End of June


The full photo collection for this project is over on Flickr.


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