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The Garden At Large June 7, 2009

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The Garden at Large

[[photo by: WontonBrutality]]

There are little surprises popping up every day in the garden, especially with the rain we’re getting this weekend – you can almost hear things stretching out in there.

We’ve also gotten word that tomatoes, peppers, and basil are planned for next week. With those last plantings, I think we’re pretty much set up for some serious growing time, but few newcomers. The lettuces are looking more and more like proper salad and some bean additions are unfurling in cute little rows.

Also, the Star Tribune ran a piece about Backyard Harvest featuring our favorite farmer (but we are, admittedly, horribly biased) Stefan Meyer! While we have different motivations for wanting to be part of this project than those that the writer hypothesized, the core of why anyone would want to be involved is certainly in there.

Along the lines of keeping critters out of the garden, the rabbit fence seems to hold true to its name. The bunnies haven’t yet made a full-out invasion, but there is a tiny bit of evidence that some squirrels have been poking around. Is there anything we can do about that, or are losses to the rats-with-pretty-tails just a forgone conclusion? So far, I think they’ve only gotten to two or three little sprouts, so it hasn’t been a major land attack on their part.


– Lisa in Kingfield


The full Flickr collection of pictures for this project is over on Flickr.


2 Responses to “The Garden At Large”

  1. Stefan - the Farmer Says:

    It’s amazing what real rain can do for a garden.. despite being watered consistently with city water, a little shot of elixir from Mother Nature just seems to do the trick! Yes the bush beans are literally popping out of the ground, and losses to cutworms in the gardens seems to have slowed.. in part do to our prevention measures(squish, squish, pop pop), in part due to their life cycle moving along to another phase. We are indeed seeing plants move into a more serious growing phase.

    As per squirrels, well, we are still scratching our heads on that one, but perhaps an aerial raid to counteract their ground-forces?

  2. Lisa Says:

    I was thinking a laser-mounted turret, but then again, the husband and I play a lot of video games and might naturally lean on technology!

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