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Sprouts Are Becoming Plants May 27, 2009

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[[photo by: WontonBrutality]]

Stefan has been filling in our garden little by little every few days. We’re almost getting to look like the plot is full and things are definitely growing (in some cases, with lots of healthy enthusiasm). Still, we’ve been kind of treading water a bit here, urging plants to grow into something more like proper dinner.

There has been compost tea added to the garden and thinning of the greens and watering and lots and lots of watching. Word on the street is that we might have some salads starting soon and we’ve got the cooler prepped for any harvest-able stuff.

This week, the husband and I made a compost bin as well. We did a setup very similar to what is shown in the video here. We’ll be putting kitchen scraps and extra straw from the garden into the bin in hopes of getting good compost later in the season. The only extra modifications we did was to use a drill instead of the nail to make holes and we’ve been discussing how to put a door in the bottom, so that we don’t have to tip the whole thing out to get the final compost out. Any suggestions out there? Anything we should be doing differently compost-wise? We’re both winging it here!

I’m also thinking it’s about time for another panoramic shot of the garden – it looks so different from the first one posted a while ago. I’ve tried a couple of setups, but I think I need to keep playing. More full-scale pictures are coming soon, promise!


The full Flickr collection of pictures for this project is over on Flickr.


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