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Our Farmer is a Ninja May 11, 2009

[[photo by: WontonBrutality]]

Our farmer, Stefan, is a total ninja. The husband and I have been checking out the garden pretty obsessively. We wait for the watering to be done, we look to see if new things have sprouted and we shuffle the extra straw into unused portions of the plot. Hopefully, the obsessiveness is in equal proportion to how many delicious veggies we’ll get later in the season. Here’s to wishing that care and interest can directly translate into dinner!

So, over the week, we had noticed that Stephan had been out to visit while we were at work. There were extra little sprouty things and pieces of the dirt newly exposed. But, we didn’t know what stuff was. We wondered between ourselves. “Maybe that’s marigold. Or, what if that’s broccoli?” The truth is that, right now, they’re all little six-leaved sprouty things at best. They might be hippogryphs for all we know. Later, we got an email from Stephan and he filled us in:

I stopped in the the other day to transplant out some more plants, and noticed the little seedlings are already going gangbusters in the garden. Yahoo! While I was there I planted out some chard, dill, kale and pansies, and this week I will be planting broccoli, spinach starts and onions, and also seeding scallions. – Stephan

Stephan’s the best! And, he’s totally a ninja. A sneaky, farming ninja. We’re going to get together this week to set up the journal that will sub in for the emails we’ve been trading thus far and every day has been fun to check in with the garden, even if it’s not super obvious what things have changed. Week by week, things are most definitely getting closer to being dinner, we’re sure of it.

– Lisa in Kingfield

The full Flickr collection of pictures for this project is over on Flickr.

PS – You can see it in the pictures, but our contribution this week was to install a rabbit fence around the garden. It went in really easily and, so far, seems to be holding the line against the rabbit invaders.


4 Responses to “Our Farmer is a Ninja”

  1. You are so right about the farmer-ninja connection. Grayce, Seth & Stefan are also masters of aikido, diligence & patience. All in all, they rock!

    ~ Krista

  2. Jackie Says:

    Great photos, Lisa! Stefan and the other farmers are indeed certified organic ninjas.

  3. Eric Hart Says:

    Another typo alert – you live in the Kingfield neighborhood (no s after king). See for your neighborhood organization.

    • Lisa Says:

      Hey Eric. You are totally right and I’ve updated the signature on a few posts.

      And thanks for linking to the neighborhood organization – we signed up for their email newsletters as soon as we put an offer in on our house nearly four years ago. They do an amazing job of keeping people involved in the neighborhood and it truly has helped.

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